Christ Redeemer

Christ Redeemer

Friday, May 27, 2011

Amazons in the Amazon

We arrived in Leticia expecting to stay one night and board the boat to Manaus the following day. After a five hour walk to the port in the hot sun to buy our tickets
we returned excited to go. The day of departure, two hours before we were to be at the port, we found out we needed Brazilian visas. This seemed stupid; however, three countries make up the large town and one can easily walk from country to country with no formalities. Probably the most exciting thing in Leticia was English flatscreen television and cars equipped with home stereo systems attached to the back which were larger than the car itself and deafening. After four days of boredom and moderately good food, we boarded our boat to Manaus, Brazil. Upon first inspection of our cabin on Itapuranga, we discovered that the beds were designed for children. Lindsay slept exceptionally well for the three nights in the fetal and random yoga positions. The food on the boat was mediocre at best. Breakfast consisted of bread, butter and overly sweetened coffee. Lunch and dinner consisted of meat, rice, noodles, beans and the occasional salad. We survived on beer and hamburgers topped with ham, cheese and egg. This may sound gross but judge us once you´ve been in our shoes. Our ensuite was loaded with mosquitos and quickly became referred to as Bug Auschwitz. We understand that some may not appreciate this title; however, we refused to share our room with a thousand malaria-carrying we sprayed poisonous bug spray in the bathroom and sealed the door. We took many pictures, read and watched the scenery because our only other form of entertainment was Asian fighting films with Portugese dubbing. There is actually a satellite on the boat they kept adjusting. One interesting scenery change occurs when you come into Manaus where the Amazon and the Rio Negro river join and the water turns from brown to black quite prominently. Grateful to be off the boat, we were desperate to find our hotel and shower. We went to Hotel Dez de Juhlo. We were originally booked for one night, but managed to get a flight out at midnight to Rio de Janeiro. The hotel manager graciously has allowed us to leave our bags in the room and use the shower for half the price of a typical night. More to come from Brazil before we head to IgnaƧau Falls and Argentina.

We love and miss you all.

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